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Forum Disclaimer.
12-08-2009 7:43 PM

Forum Disclaimer

PHEROTRUTH is an online community dedicated to the uncensored discussion of pheromones, pheromone research and pheromone products. Open discussions are promoted and encouraged here, regardless of the supplier or manufacturer.

However, PHEROTRUTH is ONLY a member discussion forum, and as a forum we do not endorse any product, producer or supplier of pheromones or pheromone products. And we hold no legal liability for the use or misuse of any products discussed on this site.

Additionally, PHEROTRUTH does not screen or verify member registrations or information posted by members or guests in the forums, nor do we limit what individuals can or cannot say. Information discussed in the forum are the opinions of the individuals and post authors only, and PHEROTRUTH is not liable or responsible for information or claims made by post authors.

We are not legally liable for the way you choose to use any pheromone product, nor can we be held legally accountable for any potential risks associated with your choice to use pheromones. We are not accountable for any claims or promised effects made by any manufacturer or supplier of any pheromone product.

As a consumer, you purchase any product at your own risk, and it is up to YOU to use good judgment when buying and using any pheromone product. We are not responsible for your proper or improper use of any product you may purchase as a result of discussions with members of the forum or information found in the forum.

Research and Testing Release and Disclaimer

PHEROTRUTH may at times facilitate research and testing programs for our members, such as molecule testing and attempting to identify and associate pheromonal effects, or associating pheromonal effects with names of molecules that they may already be using. The facilitation of said programs or research does not constitute sponsorship or endorsement by PHEROTRUTH, and members should evaluate potential risks before electing to participate in any research or testing.

PHEROTRUTH will not knowingly allow any toxic or dangerous molecule testing to take place or be reported on in the forums, however, members acknowledge and agree that there may be unknown side or long term effects in using pheromones or putatives that are not fully understood, and PHEROTRUTH accepts no liability, legal or otherwise, associated with any research or testing programs made available to forum members.

PHEROTRUTH's sole involvement in any of these type of research or testing programs is limited to facilitating contact between members interested in said programs and those parties or companies supplying pheromones or molecules, and providing the open forums for members to discuss experiences and provide feedback. PHEROTRUTH accepts no liabilities in any research or testing program and participating members agree to release and hold PHEROTRUTH harmless in any claims arising out of their participation in any program they elect to participate in.

These disclaimers in no way limit your rights as a consumer or forum member, and were incorporated soley to protect us should anyone ever incur a claim against a vendor or other third party that we have no association with and had no involvement in any potential liability incurred.

Affiliate Disclaimer

In accordance with FTC policy requiring that websites be transparant in disclosing affiliate agreements, we provide the following notification:

PheroTruth does participate in affiliate marketing agreements with various companies and may receive commisssions from these companies for purchases made by following links or advertising banners on the website.

However, we do not restrict discussions or postings to only companies with which we have affiliate agreements, and any and all reviews listed on PheroTruth are from real people, who are not compensated in any way for providing reviews and/or other information posted.

PheroTruth does not censor any member reviews or other information posted about any company or products discussed on the website, and all member postings are their actual and unaltered opinions and experiences.

We also wish to say that there are many companies that do offer affiliate programs which we choose not to participate in for various reasons, which may include: not being well established, or having established questionable reputations, marketing practices, or other reasons.

No link or advertisement on the website is intended to suggest approval or endorsement by PheroTruth, and the vast majority of links found on PheroTruth are to companies that do not have affiliate programs or that PheroTruth does not participate in.

In the spirit of full disclosure the above statements are provided to advise you that while we may receive compensation for some of the links and advertising on PheroTruth, members are free to post both positive and negative reviews or information about any companies or products they choose.

Real reviews from Real people, that is PheroTruth's promise and commitment, and we will not waiver from it.
12-08-2009 7:43 PM
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