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Forum Announcement: What, How and Why
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What, How and Why
05-29-2012 5:39 PM

The MembersHelping Memebers forum was created to allow active members to promote any business they may own or operate. Members must have a minimum of 50 posts before being able to promote their businesses in this forum.

As most members know, PheroTruth does have affiliate agreements with several pheromone companies. We do not try to entice anyone to buy products from any company we may be affiliated with, and we are not biased against any companies that we do not have agreements with.

The agreements are in place for several reasons:

1. To encourage guests to register, so they do not have to see advertisements.

2. Affiliate links help to show vendors how much traffic and business they are getting from PheroTruth, and is a large part of the reason we are able to negotiate discounts, promotions and contest with them.

3. Affiliate commissions help to pay for operating costs associated with the forum, as well as enabling the forum to make monetary contributions to contests, or any other cash outlays that may be required.

While we do not display advertisements to our members and have no intentions of doing so, these advertisements are the only source of revenue generated by the forum, and without it much of what we do would not be possible.

The forum finally became self sufficient and revenues exceeded operating costs toward the end of last year, then started generating at a bit of an excess, and we used that money to fund contests such as the Post of the Month.

But, last month those affiliate revenues dropped substantially and came up short in covering the cost of operating the forum and sponsoring the contest by about $80.00, and this month it looks like it's going to come up around $200.00 short.

In considering options to try to get revenues back on track in covering expenses and enabling us to continue sponsoring contests and giving money back to you folks we hit on the idea for this forum.

We're not asking anybody to buy more pheromones, or buy only from companies that we have affiliate agreements with, but if you're going to buy something from one of these companies you can help support us by coming to this forum and clicking on the affiliate advertising banners. It does not cost you one red penny more that by going directly to the website, and it does help to support the forum and enable us to do things for you that we otherwise could not.

In addition to members helping the forum out, we also realized that we could help our members out as well. Since the entire intent of this forum is to promote, we figured we could also allow members to promote themselves or businesses they own or operate in this forum as well.

Members who have at least 50 quality posts under their belts are free to post links to companies or businesses they own, are affiliated with, or list services they have to offer in this forum. The only thing we ask is that you don't use this forum for recruiting people into multi-level business, post links to sites offering free merchandise in exchange for buying hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of junk, or any other non-reputable offers.

And, members may not post links or offers that would cost members more than they would otherwise have to pay on their own.

If you run a home based mail order business, eCommerce website, retail storefront, or have services to provide, feel free to post about it in this forum.

If you enjoy the forum and what we are trying to do, please show your support by coming back and clicking on the advertising banners here whenever making a pheromone purchase from one of the companies we have agreements with.

If you're in need of a products or service offered by one of our members, this is your chance to support them as well.

Member helping members, camaraderie and community, isn't that what its all about?
05-29-2012 5:39 PM
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